Harness your community.
Borrow an item, get delivery, share a ride or more, all from friends and neighbors.

Join the local sharing community.

  • Get what you need

    Borrow something, share a ride, get delivery or simply ask a question. Get help with the simple things.

  • Help someone out

    We notify you if your friends need anything, but don't stop there! Connect with people in your area.

  • Borrow, don't buy

    Borrow stuff you only use sometimes from neighbors. Don't spend half your paycheck on a new lawnmower.

  • Get a reply. Quickly.

    Our algorithm connects Lenders with those most likely to help. And it's constantly getting better!

borrowing an item on lend

Join a community of Lenders.

  • Help your friends (and friends of friends)

    You can easily see mutual friends that you have with other users, and you get notified when your friends need help with something.

  • Know who's helping you

    We use Facebook to log you in, and you can see reviews of everyone you're getting help from or helping. We believe that trust is really important, and users with bad reviews are unlikely to show up at all.

  • Everything you need is in chat

    With the tap of a button you can share meeting locations or send someone money to buy coffee for taking the time to help.

chat with lend user

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